On the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of each month a group of men have been getting together to pray, enjoy breakfast, and to sharing in a commitment to be in God’s Word. We are doing daily readings from The Book of Concord - the doctrinal book of the LCMS.
Link: bookofconcord.org daily readings

We meet at Perkins in Forest Lake at 6am (yes its early). This is not so much a Bible Study as it is a shared commitment to read God’s Word, although some times questions come up and we discuss them. We pray for our families, friends, and for our congregation. Pastor Bertram (jokingly) says he can’t be held responsible for anything he says at 6am.

Some years we have switched to different materials, but we find ourselves coming back time and time again to simply reading through the Bible in a year. At the end of the year there is a sense of satisfaction of having read again God’s plan of salvation and the history of God’s people. At the beginning of the year and through out we are amazed that there always seems to be something new or that feels like we have never read it before.

Join us!