Please prayerfully consider serving as a Chairperson or on a Board at our Church!
In May 2019 we will be electing new Chairpeople and Officers to serve our Church. 

Nominating Committee
If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for a position please use the attached form.  Individuals nominated will be contacted by a committee member. Committee members are:  Shelly Carlson, Faye Hanson, Mike Gray, Julie Schneider, Curt Heacox, Tori Nerud, & Pastor Bertram.

(See the Church Constitution for a complete description of duties and responsibilities for each Board).

The Congregational President of the congregation shall preside at all meetings of the Voting Membership.  He shall, to the best of his ability, enforce the Constitution and By-Laws of the congregation and carry out the expressed will of the congregation as embodied in the resolutions of the Voting Membership.  He shall also call and preside over the meetings of the Parish Planning Council and shall endeavor to coordinate the functions, plans and activities of the congregation in all its parts for the total furtherance of the work of Christ's Kingdom in our midst.

The Vice President of the congregation in the absence of the President, shall act for and in the stead of the Congregational President.  He shall be available for whatever duties the Congregational President shall assign to him as his representative.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for accurate recording and reporting of congregational receipts and disbursements and budgeted and actual expenditures according to proper accounting procedures.  

The secretary shall be present at all Voters' meetings of the congregation and at all meetings of the Parish Planning Council and shall enter the minutes of all meetings of said groups in a permanent record book over his signature.  The secretary shall conduct all official correspondence of the congregational Boards and committees under the supervision of the Congregational President.  The secretary shall maintain a record of eligible voters. In general the secretary shall perform all the duties as the Voting Membership may delegate.

THE BOARD OF LAY MINISTRY (Chair + 5 Board Members)
The basic objectives of this Board are the spiritual welfare of the Pastor(s) and congregation members, individually and corporately, and the supervision of everything pertaining to worship.  The nature of the duties of this Board requires that only men noted for their Christian knowledge, zeal and experience in the spiritual work of the Kingdom of Christ shall be elected to membership. 

THE BOARD OF EVANGELISM  (Chair + Board Members)
The basic objectives of this Board are the bringing of the Gospel to the unchurched, the enlistment of all of God's people in the work of spreading the Gospel, the deepening of the faith and activity of the members of this congregation, and proper soul-accounting at all times.

The basic objectives of this Board are to plan and administer the total educational program, to determine policies, to select personnel for the various agencies, to provide the necessary means and facilities for the agencies, and to direct and supervise the entire educational program for the congregation.

THE BOARD OF STEWARDSHIP  (Chair + Board Members)
The basic objectives of this Board are to initiate programs for the development of good stewardship attitudes in the members of the congregation in regard to time, talents, and treasures, to provide for the training and utilization of members of the congregation for the work of Christ's Kingdom, and to ensure the financial stability of the congregation and its work through a developed program of dedicated, proportionate, firstfruits giving.

The basic objectives of this Board are the proper maintenance and repair of church property and the general protection of the congregation against loss or damage of whatever nature.

The basic objectives of this Board are the strengthening of the fellowship between congregation members spiritually and socially, the integration of new members into the life of the congregation, and the general upbuilding of mutual cooperation, trust, and enjoyment among the members of the congregation.

The basic objectives of this Board are the presentation to the public of a Christian image which will reflect favorably upon the work of Christ and of the congregation as His instrument, the publicizing of the work of the congregation through various channels, and the general integration of the congregation's work into the life of the community.