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Welcome to Lord of the Lakes, our web site and specifically our expansion page!

We are very excited that our ministry is growing.  Our theme for our expansion campaign is "Immeasurably More" and that is what God is doing in our midst.  

Whenever we try to imagine something in the future, we are limited. We’re limited creatures; we’re human; we’re sinners. God, however, has no such limitations. He’s God! He’s all-powerful, all knowing, ever-present; He’s eternal. God always has and always will be able to exceed what we can imagine or accomplish. 

Back in February of 1977, when Lord of the Lakes held it’s first mission service at Lakeside Elementary and 28 people braved the -44 below zero temperatures, who could have imagined how God would bless this congregation? 

In 1982, when we dedicated our new church ($180,000), who could have imagined what God would do and how our church would grow?  Who could have imagined the lives God would touch and change? Who could have imagined the people and facilities we now enjoy and have the opportunity to share as we reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ? 

In 1999, who could have imagined that we would need to expand again?  Needing space for a larger kitchen, fellowship hall, offices, education space and to enlarge our worship area we gathered under the theme “Building on Faith” and that we did!   With faith, prayer and commitment we stepped out again and expanded our church home ($528,000).   And God has continued to bless us beyond what we can imagine.

Now, in 2017 (as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary), we look forward to what God continues to do through us as good stewards for His Kingdom. We are again at a point of needing to expand our facility to accommodate the growth of ministry:  “Building community in Christ. Connecting people to the Word.   Serving Christ together.”   

Because we can never imagine all that God can do, we have named our new capital stewardship campaign, “Immeasurably More.”   None of us can do what is needed by ourselves. That is why God has made each one of us part of the Body of Christ, to work together to do what He has called us to do. Collectively, as His people, God will work through us as we share our resources, share our time and talents in ministry, and reach even more people for Christ than we could have ever thought or imagined. 

If you have not already begun praying, start today asking the Lord to direct you and move you to take a step of faith that will greatly honor Him. Then watch what God will do. 

It will be immeasurably more than you can imagine! 

Rev. Craig Bertram